Aug. 10, 2021

Back To School Essentials

Going to National Bookstore for school supplies is the first thing that would come to anyone’s mind when it is back to school season. Parents would bring their kids to the nearest bookstore and start stocking up on notebooks, folders, pad papers, and the like. Hence the long lines in National Bookstore when first day of classes — back when it used to be in June — was fast approaching.  
Unfortunately, the pandemic brought about numerous extraordinary and difficult changes. Schooling as a whole is one of them.  
Perhaps being at home instead of school is the most glaring — the shift to remote or online learning. Right now, classrooms are replaced with Zoom links. Tests are done asynchronously. And communication with teachers or classmates is done on social media. Absolutely nothing is done interpersonally.  
This unfortunate albeit necessary change led to students experiencing many challenges such as burnout from workload, lacking pertinent materials (e.g. Wi-Fi, Device, etc.), or even experiencing anxiety from being overwhelmed with everything.   
After one year of online classes, it is looking like students and teachers will have to go through another year of it. As of this writing, COVID-19 cases have yet to decrease and is projected to increase with a new variant infecting people. When it comes to vaccination, only 5% of the Philippine population is fully vaccinated. The vaccination for children is currently under development and testing. To complicate the whole situation further, the government has no particular plans to bring back students onsite.  
While school will stay at home, here is a list of must-haves to cope with year two of online learning.  
School essentials checklist 
Online school essentials are one way to shift to online learning. Common and traditional school supplies as simple as a pen and paper are still considered useful and supplemental. However, the following list by Parkview Health will discuss school essentials strictly applicable to online learning.  
  1. A proper workspace 
A good workspace can be a separate room or simply a desk or table for school. Having a separate space exclusively for school helps a student focus on schoolwork and stay away from distraction. To improve one’s workspace, make sure it is organized and not messy. An organized workspace helps one stay focused and more excited and encouraged to study.  
  1. Internet/Devices 
Having an internet connection and a device for school are the most pertinent materials for online learning. Obviously, how can one attend class without these? Online class will be made easier with a fast-working device and a steady internet connection. If one’s internet connection is spotty, have backup internet connections such as pocket Wi-Fi and mobile data.  
  1. Necessary Application 
Some applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet are where online classes are held — it is necessary to have them downloaded. Additionally, there are other apps that can aid one’s work. Make use of your device’s calendar app to keep track of deadlines. Want a complete app? Download Notion — an all-in-one app complete with notes, databases, and reminders, to name a few. Do not forget Social Media sites like Facebook because this may be the default app for communicating with others.  
  1. A comfortable chair 
Online classes in Zoom or Google Meet can drag for an hour, more or less. Working on homework or an upcoming test can go on even longer. Being sedentary for long periods can tend to hurt or be discomforting. Sitting on a hard and sturdy chair can worsen it. Therefore, getting a comfortable chair is a good investment. Staying in one’s chair longer without having to stand up due to the discomfort will consequently increase overall productivity.  
  1. Headphones 
A good pair of earphones or headphones will help one stay focused during online class or while working in many ways. One, it will block out outside or nearby noise like dogs barking or outside construction. Quality headphones have noise-cancelling technology so that the user will only hear what is connected to his/her device. Two, using headphones is a sign of courtesy to whoever is working nearby. The user will not be a distraction since he/she is using headphones.  
  1. Traditional school supplies 
As mentioned above, traditional school supplies are still useful and supplementary. They may not be as needed anymore, but one can use them to write on their notebook or planner. Math is one example, where using a pencil, eraser, and scratch paper can help a learner gain mastery of a certain Math topic. Memorization subjects like History and Science are another example. Writing by hand improves memory, experts say.  
  1. Support system 
Probably the most essential of them all. The most essential support begins at home. Staying close to people at your household — parents, siblings, other household members — can help one get through these trying times. Being stuck at home with them presents the perfect opportunity to get even closer to them. Additionally, make sure to have other support groups like friends. Stay in touch with some friends through many online platforms like Messenger or Discord. It is imperative to check on each other by keeping company when one feels lonely or support whenever one needs help.  
A home for online school 
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